9 Chick flicks that guys can watch too

Do you have struggles convincing your man to watch some of your favorite chick flicks? Well, you are not alone in this, it can be tough and crazy to get your guy glued to the TV.

As such, we provide you a list of 9 best chick flicks that will make your man forget that he is watching movies geared towards women at all. Moreover, if you are a guy and you want to show your lady friend your “sensitive” side, these chick flicks will serve you well.

27 Dresses

This is a classic story of a woman who is always a bridesmaid. The woman desires to be a bride someday too, and your man will be a little bit sympathetic to her situation. This may even serve as a hint to him and make him propose to you. Let him know through this classic tale that it’s about that time you got that coveted ring!

Mean girls

This movie will give your guy a unique insight into how girls behave. Moreover, your man will enjoy watching the endless drama of the popular high school girls. The movie is as funny as hell and darker than he would expect from the high school queens.

Eat, Pray, Love

This classic tale will be the right message to your man, plus he will surely enjoy it. We all wish for that unique vacation where we all just eat pray and love, right? This movie will inspire just that in your guy!

(500) Days of summer

This is a favorite among most men. The movie is weird enough to attract your man’s attention, especially with the many awkward sex scenes. The movie may even help you relive some of your love triumphs and fails.

The Notebook

This chick flick movie will elicit some emotions from your boyfriend. The love depicted by leading characters Noah and Allie would capture his attention.

Dan in Real Life

Told from a man’s perspective, this is a definitive chick flick that will blow your mind away! The movie is a story about a single father who has fallen in love all over again. The movie will change your guy’s perceptions on love.

Bridget Jones Diary

Do you want to redeem your love with him? Well, this movie will do the trick. All those stupid things you did to him for love are explained in this clip. The outrageous costumes, the house sans pants and every other thing you did to capture his attention. He would surely understand you more after watching this movie.

The proposal

This is a story about a pushy boss who forces her young assistant to marry her to enable her avoid being deported back to Canada. This film is utterly hilarious, and if your man will not see that, then he is ridiculous.

Revenge of the Bridesmaids 2010 Comedy

This movie gives a different chronology of love that defies all odds. The comedy has the best laugh scenes that will linger in his mind long after watching it.

These romantic chick flick movies will help you engage your man and fell close to each other. Ask him about his opinion and input and the responses you will receive will amaze you.

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3 Movies That Were Truly Mind-Blowing

Filmgoers are a difficult bunch to please these days. Satiated by big budget extravaganzas, amazing CGI visual effects, and death-defying live action stunts, it’s a jaded and dismissive audience that greets each new movie premier.

Yet every now and again, a film emerges that capture sour attention, and almost despite ourselves, blows our mind. Whether we found ourselves captivated by great writing or an enthralling storyline, or engrossed by special effects or charmed by amazing acting, occasionally we find ourselves being drawn in by that movie-making magic. Here are three movies we found truly mind blowing.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & Vol. 2

In a movie landscape dominated by dark and twisted super-heroes, it’s a breath of fresh air to encounter a movie franchise that is in turn fresh, fun and delightful uncomplicated. The charm of its characters and their understated performances went a long way to making the original Guardians of the Galaxy a box office bonanza.

This light touch went undoubtedly helped Marvel successfully transition the characters from their comic book origins to a successful movie franchise. Even in a year when sequels suffered at the box office, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 dodged the familiarity bullet and kept the endearing banter between characters flowing, aided by a deft selection of classic songs, and a touching story about a family which resisted the temptation to veer into cheesecake formula writing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 blew our mind simply with its joyful exuberance, uncomplicated storytelling aided by nuanced characterization and special effects that delivered on the storyline without swamping the movie with an overdose of adolescent testosterone.

The Fate of the Furious

Speaking of adolescent testosterone! Smoldering characters, epic car crashes with flames in abundance, Soviet-era submarines, and fistfights galore while someone holds a baby, the latest installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise grabs its audience’s attention and smacks them over the head with its full-on action sequences. Oh, and it helps that Charlize Theron stars!

Many franchises would be struggling to maintain the momentum by the time the eight installment comes around, however, The Fate of the Furious’ same ridiculously over-the-top action sequences and the apparent chemistry between the ensemble cast propelled The Fate of the Furious into audience affections.

2017 is a year for parking your critical thinking faculties, suspending disbelief and allow The Fate of the Furious’ Soviet submarine chase sequence to suck you in. Will someone please pass the popcorn?


Timing can be everything in movie making as Laura Poitras discovered with her new documentary Risk based on Julian Assange. At its 2016 Cannes Film Festival, premier Risk came across as a solidly constructed, supportive study of the Wikileaks founder and the freedom of information activist. Then came the 2016 presidential election and Risk made a sharp detour into the editing suite.

Risk 2.0 emerged a very different beast, at once more questioning and less flattering to its subject. It plunges us into the present propelled by a new third reel where personal relationships tangle Poitras’ judgment about Assange giving the film a far more intimate vibe than its detached documentary-driven predecessor.

Rarely do we see a braver filmmaker on show prepared to surface her own conflicting perspectives for an audience? That stance alone grants Risk entry to the mind-blowing category.

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Gender Wage Gap Controversy – Looking At Both Sides

In current society, a principal problem within globalization that influences the world and trades nowadays is gender imbalance, which results in gender wage gap controversy

The gender wage gap has been an essential subject in the antiquity as from the year 1960s and the 1970s. Since it has caused accelerated growth towards fair wage, mainly due to women enduring higher education, however, as from the year 2015, the gender wage gap was still about 20%, suggesting that women remained paid just 80% of whatever men got rewarded. Also because of the slow development of the increase in gender wage gap which is forecasted that females will not attain equal pay with men until the year 2152 if the growth rate continues at what it has continued over the preceding few years.

One of the main arguments of the gender pay gap is that when women have lower earnings, it is much harder for them to raise families. A recent study conducted by Institute for Women’s Policy Study reveals that if ladies get paid fairly to men, single mothers’ household income could rise approximately by 17%.

In addition to unequal wages, gender inequality also exists in the form of different privileges and return. Women have significantly weaker compensation, particularly in the sort of common security interests, well-being care, gratuities, handicap insurance, and annuities.Also, another recent research has shown that there is an approximate $8,000 gap between retirement earnings for men and women who have accomplished the same work

On the other hand, many will argue the gender pay gap controversy and say that the gender inequality regarding wages is hypothetical. One of the main arguments against the gender pay gap is that women are more likely to take time off to take care of their families and that naturally alters how much women get paid compared to men. Also, many say that the pay gap can be in the form of paid maternity leave. If their company pays women maternity leave, people will argue that technically the holidays could equal the 20% gap that separates men and women’s wages, therefore, eliminating the gender pay gap, and making it nonexistent.

Although there are two sides to the gender wage gap argument, it is evident that gender inequality affects the workplace and businesses across the globe. One of the first ways that the workplace can suffer is through lack of productivity and motivation. If a woman is receiving payments less than that of a man is for the same exact job, it can create depression and lack of motivation. If a woman is taking no incentive to do better at work, she will not be as productive in a firm as she could be if she had same pay. If there is a lack of productivity, it leads to potential losses for the business.

The gender gap controversy is not real since after fitting into various types of businesses men and women manage to have, the gap narrows to single digits. And so, the argument goes, men and females are not rewarded similar sum of money since they are deciding to go into different professions which pay differently, and the labor market rewards their choices adversely. In other words, different work leads to unequal pay.

There is a lot of fact to this: Men and women do manage to choose various occupations, so much so that researchers have a name for it: “gender occupational segregation.” And since this occupational sorting most commonly listed the figure of the gender-gap debate that a female especially an American only earns 79 cents for every dollar an ordinary American man makes—is indeed too simple.

While the bulk of the report deals ostensibly with male-female wage differences, the report cites an interesting fact. The diversity between workplace risk among men and women are staggering; approximately 7% of deaths in 2008 are female, leaving people accounting for a whopping 93% of all workplace fatalities.

Men were over 13 times more likely to die while on the job compared with women according to the report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the incongruity between salaries is both alarming and offensive, the concern should raise over the occupation risks which men find themselves in over their female counterparts. To read into the data provided by the report, it would seem that men more often than not find themselves in more dangerous job positions, such as that of a construction worker. Finding oneself in a job with inherent risks of fatality could account for some, though not all, of the differences in pay.

Indeed, the report goes on to draw this same conclusion. Occupational deaths are statistically more prevalent in male dominated industries, namely construction, and manufacturing, comprised of an almost entirely male workforce: approximately 90% of all construction workers are male, and about 70% of all manufacturing workers are male. Such industries have a history of being significantly more dangerous occupations than those dominated by a female workforce, such as education and health care.

Such staggering statistics, while alarming, are not unusual. One can see just by reading the news that serious construction accidents are an almost daily occurrence. With the demand for construction projects rising, especially in developing nations, more workers put themselves at risk on a daily basis to provide for their needs and the needs of their families.

However, a debilitating construction accident could put a worker physically out of commission for months, even permanently if the crash is severe. If the accident is fatal, families depending on the construction position as the sole source of income could face a dire financial situation. Individuals who have been the victim of a serious construction accident could be entitled to legal recourse and monetary compensation if the crash was due to negligence or unsafe working conditions. Workers should consider developing a construction accident lawsuit if they have suffered financial setback or injury preventing them from work.

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The Saga of K.M Nanavati

This is a tale of an Indian Navy Commander who goes by the name of K.M Nanavati. A Parsi by birth, he had settled with his English wife and his two sons in the Metropolitan City of Mumbai. As Nanavati was a commander in the Navy, he was always away from home on different assignments. This lead to his English wife falling in love with another man who was also a friend of Nanavati, Prem Ahuja.

Nanavati’s and his wife’s relationship became so disrupted that she wanted to divorce her husband, but her new love interest was not eyeing the same objectives. On the day when the commander came back, he found Sylvia completely deranged. His wife Sylvia confessed everything and also articulated her concern about Prem marrying her and accepting her children.

On the same night Nanavati dropped his family off at a famous Cinema, and drove directly towards Prem’s office and then to his residence. Thereupon, he came face to face with Prem and asked him if he planned to marry Sylvia and accept her children. While he refused to take the onus for the affair, Nanavati proceeded to shoot Prem several times. Three bullets in a cold blooded murder, and Prem was dead. Nanavati confessed his offense to the Marshal of the Western Naval Command, headquartered in Mumbai. The Marshal advised him to surrender himself to the police.

Obliging the advice of his senior officer, Nanavati surrendered to the Deputy Commissioner of the Police the very next day. Nanavati had a distinction of being patriotic and morally erect officer who didn’t have any previous history of misconduct or criminal charges. Supposedly Prem had responded to Commander’s question of marrying Sylvia with “Should I marry every girl I sleep with?” – before Nanavati murdered him. Seeing a mistreated husband, the panel of judges regarded the accused and ruled their judgement in his favor as there were no witnesses in the case. case was literally Nanavati’s against the masses. The sister of Prem Ahuja and the prosecution decided to go against the panel of judges, dismissing their judgement of Nanavati as the incorrect one after discovering the affair of Prem and Nanavati’s wife.

Prem’s sister decided to file a case against Nanavati in the Mumabi High Court. The famous Indian lawyer Ram Jethmalani assisted the prosecution, and Prem’s sister is fighting the case against Nanavati.

This case lead to turmoil between Parsi and Sindhi communities in Mumbai. While Nanavati was a Parsi, Prem belonged to Sindhi community.There were a series of clashes between the two communities. The High Court of Mumbai, then known as the High Court of Bombay found Nanavati accused and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Nanavati challenged the decision of the High Court in the Supreme Court of India, but his luck has ran out and the Supreme Court stuck with the decision of the High Court.

At the same time, a tabloid known as Blitz was supporting the Commander’s plight, and the case caught public attention in such a way that 25 paise copy sold for 2 Rupee. Meanwhile,The Governor of Maharashtra received a mercy petition for Bhai Pratap,a big league Sindhi businessman who use to deal in the illegal import and export of sport goods.

The governor was a relative of Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India and so was Nanavati, who was said to be a close ally of Nehru. So, the Governor seized the chance and came up with a solution. He struck a bargain deal, and said to the lawyer of Ahuja’s Sister that Bhai Partap would be pardoned if Nanavati was pardoned first. This would also assure that both communities are happy. As Bhai Partap was a Sindhi, so the Sindhi community would be happy, and so would the Parsi community.

This would also de-escalate the tensions between the two communities and would help in bringing law and order back to the city. Finally, Prem’s sister agreed and gave in to the government’s request to release Nanavati. He spent a total of three years in prison, and then he left for Canada with his wife and children and was never heard of again .He was survived by his wife and children until his death in 2003. This remains one of the most interesting legal cases in Judicial History of India.

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Why Business Lawyers Are More Important Than Ever Before

business lawyers discussion

Business corporate lawyers are also referred to as a chief legal officer, general counsel, in-house counsel, staff attorney, and deputy general counsel. A corporate lawyer ensures that clients and companies’ operations observe rules and regulations of the law. The corporate lawyers should have a full understanding of the law to ensure the corporation they work for stays within legal boundaries.

Corporate business lawyers have the corporation in which he or she works as their client. The number of corporate lawyers working in one firm depends on the size of the enterprise and the specialty. Some organizations require the corporate business lawyer to work full-time such as; biotechnology companies, banks, retail stores, oil firms, hospitals, manufacturing companies, insurance and communication companies.

Educational requirements for becoming a corporate business lawyer

1. Juris Doctorate

One should have a 3-year Juris doctorate from a school accredited by American Bar Association.

2. Attorney License

One should be licensed to practice in the state in which one is employed.

The attorney license is issued after one has sat for a bar exam that varies in different states.

Some states require one to also to take a written ethics exam.

3. One must be approved and admitted to practice in each federal court.

4. Masters in Law

Masters in law is not a mandatory requirement, but it helps to broaden one’s knowledge in business and corporate law. It is a one year program.

Job Description: here is what you do

After you have qualified to become a business-corporate lawyer regarding your education, and you have successfully secured yourself a job with a corporation, the following is what will be required of you:

1) You are involved in the negotiations of the organizations’ employee contracts.

2) You help guide managers in the firm on compliance and regulatory issues.

3) You represent the company in court during trials where you are expected to make opening and closing arguments, and also cross-examining and examining witnesses.

4) You are required to represent the corporation in any administrative boards.

5) You draft companies legal documents.

6) You provide supervision to outside lawyers brought in for their expertise.

7) You draft employee’s handbooks.

8) You are required to provide legal guidance to the corporation.

9) You are involved in the preparing, completing and filing government formal documents and reports.

10) You analyze any legal issues pertaining the corporation’s proposed products.

These are some of the duties that a business-corporate lawyer is expected to hand, Although it is important to note that although Corporate Law may be working for a corporation, their work for other firms as a contractor could be self-employed.

Research skills are crucial in a business-corporate lawyer, as their job revolves around research and having diverse knowledge on current business trends, business law, regulatory developments and legislative changes.

For one to make a good business-corporate lawyer, you need to have excellent interpersonal communication skills as you will be doing a lot of negotiations, close attention to detail as you will be drafting contracts often.

You can advance in the business-corporate law field by taking additional courses to harness your skills and knowledge.

You see, it is all about positive vibe being in this profession. If it is your dream career, you know where to begin.

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Protect and Grow Your Business by Hiring an Attorney


Many entrepreneurs know that at one point in time or another when running their business that something is going to come up that will need the attention of a qualified legal service. Whether that thing is collection debt help, contract review, or just some legal correspondence, it will be needed at some point in time or another. Protect and grow your business by hiring a qualified legal service. You do have some choices in the kind of legal services you buy which can make the cost and personalization of the service to vary.

Using an economical legal service, which is often paid in advance as a bundle of services, allows you to even utilize services such as small business startup or small business consulting, while getting small business legal advice as necessary. Sometimes, a business owner will need some assistance with debt collection as some of their clients do not pay when they should. It is unfortunate that people do this in today’s world, but the truth of the matter is that collection agencies just do not carry the same influence as a collections attorney does. People really do respond better to the latter. So this is one way to protect and grow your business, but you may not get quite the personal service as an individual attorney.

Hiring a traditional attorney is the other way you can protect and grow your business using legal services. It is important for any small business to have legal assistance of some kind, because you never know when you will see a fraudulent lawsuit, which could come from employees, former employees, clients, or former customers. It is really quite incredible how often people do this, thinking that if they sue a small business, they will get some money rather than go through the court system. Let them think twice before doing that again when they receive the right response.

Using a legal service or attorney can save you a ton of money as a business owner. This is especially important in an economy like we find ourselves in today. With less cash flow through a business, it is even harder to provide the right type of services rather than going cheap on it. It is best for your long term future to have a legal service on standby at all times who already is familiar with your business goals and direction so that if you need to call on them, you do not have to go have meetings to establish a relationship and start using their services. Whether you choose the paid in advance bundle services or the assistance of a traditional attorney, protect and grow your business with the legal protection it deserves.

Debra Lindsey Fortner is a professional legal expert, and has owned small businesses since 1999, providing training and consulting services to prestigious Fortune 500 law firms and legal corporate departments all over the United States and Mexico City. Ms. Fortner knows and has experienced challenges in owning and operating more than one small business and the importance of having a legal team and business consultants accessible for your business at all times to provide legal advice and business growth strategies. She loves to coach and has a high success rate of doing so and continues to be very resourceful in providing small businesses and home based business owners with leadership guidance in structuring and positioning their businesses. To find out more about how you can grow and protect your business visit.

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Master the Productive Habits of Successful People

You only need to enter the word ‘success’ in your favorite browser to realize how much it has generated numerous discussions in the present age. Success is the ultimate measure of a series of achievements which proves that an individual has arrived at his or her goals. Every effort you invest in any activity is geared towards success. Whether it is small toddler making their first steps or an entrepreneur negotiating a multibillion-dollar deal. For you to be called successful, you must demonstrate consistency in arriving at your goals. In essence, success is a series of habits that need to be cultivated and mastered. This article outlines some productive habits that should guide anyone in developing a successful routine:

1. Always Think Big

We owe the inventions of the past and the present world to select individuals who dared to think big. However, am not asking you to come up with an award-winning invention to prove that you can think big. Thinking big is all about looking for better and creative ways to solve today’s problems. It is all about coming up with strategies to make life easier. For instance, if you realize that a certain approach to investment doesn’t work for you, you can come up with strategies that fit within your needs and the needs of your potential clients.

2. Resilience

Did you know that Thomas Edison actually failed 1,000 times before finally coming up with the light bulb? Most people would have given up at the third try. Success never comes easy and there is always a price to pay. However, if you have a tough skin you will consider failures and challenges as stepping stones to the next level.

3. Optimism

You can only fight external battles effectively if you have harmony on the inside. You will meet people and circumstances that will discourage you. However, if you are able to nurture enough optimism you will rarely give discouragements a chance. Most of the bad things we are always anxious about never actually happen. In essence, it actually pays to stay optimistic.

4. Prudence

One amazing attribute of successful people is that they always know when to quit. Just because you succeeded with a strategy some time back is not an assurance that it will work presently or in future. If you realize that a given approach to things isn’t working, perhaps it’s time you considered other options. However, if you are stiff-necked and inflexible you will only experience burn-outs for no reason.

5. Honesty

This might sound like an old adage, but it is well known that dishonesty is an enemy of success. You might experience some level of success by cheating people out of their hard-earned cash. However, the success is limited because you will soon run out of business associates. Never mind that the world is full of unscrupulous business people. It is far much better to nurture honesty.

The virtues outlined here will definitely guide you towards nurturing a successful routine. The best thing is that they come completely free. All you have to do is invest your time and come up with a winning plan towards building a successful routine.

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What are 5 things to look for in a productive employee?

When you need to hire for any size of business, there are a number of things that you to consider. It is not exactly what the candidate knows today; information can be thought. To succeed in business you need to consider the future of each candidate by weighing each candidate’s personality to determine the most apt employees. Regardless of profession, age, pay, or sex, all employees share some common traits. In this article, we discuss 5 things to look for in a productive employee. Productive employees feature a number of traits, which include but not limited to the following:

i. Action oriented:

Action-oriented is an attribute that is mostly associated with agility and resiliency. The idea behind this concept is being purposeful and being aware. Action oriented employees take chance and take action. Although taking chances may lead to failure, it more often lead to success and help to mold confidence while generating new ideas. Action oriented employers are willing to change at all level. Changes posses opportunities for a company to compete better in market and should instigate change that creates advantage. Generally, stagnant employees are unlikely to make much money to the company but action-oriented employees will.

ii. Intelligent

Although intelligence is not the only thing to consider, it is the form a strong foundation for success. While most other variable can be flexible, intelligence is a must or else you will have to take a lot of time proofing work, dealing with heightened stress levels and micromanaging. Various attributes of intelligence such as willingness to learn, social awareness and relationship management ensures that an employee can perform well under an array of situations.

iii. Ambition:

Ambitious attitude drives an employee to succeed regardless of the job it is put in front of the employee. Ambitious employee has the will, dream and courage necessary to succeed to succeed. Employee ensures that you company succeed has they drive to achieve their aim of having a better career. Ambition makes an employee to be innovative and spawns creative ideas that make a company to be innovative.

iv. Autonomy

You need to consider hiring an employ that can get the job done without much supervision. Autonomous employees feel that they have right latitude of doing the work and can do without supervision. Such employees are committed to doing their work and work hard to improve productivity at a lower turnover. Remember, as a company manager or owner, you have a lot of work to do and when you delegate work to individual, you need to be executed with diligence.

v. Display leadership skills:

Do you think that a given candidate can be a significant part of your organization and become a future leader in your company? Leadership begins with self-confidence and reinforced by repetitive success. Employees with leadership skills are committed to resolving issues and persevere to driving every aspect of an organization toward success.

Leaders are able to take risk, and developing new products and services that help to establish marketplace dominance. Although they don’t reveal a lot of details on planning, they orchestrate high-level plans that drive everyone toward achieving unified goals.

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5 Ways To Make Your Work Team Bond

When you are working with a group of people in a corporate environment, it is very important that they gel well if you want your business to make profits. If they share a good bond, they will always be ready to help and support each other, and instead of thinking about their own benefits or promotion always, they will like working as a team to meet goals and for the overall benefit of the company. Now, making your work team bond is important, but how do you do that? If this is the question now running in your mind then continue reading and discover 5 amazing team bonding activities.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a fun-filled game just perfect for team bonding. It helps improve communication and provides everyone the chance to know each other well. In this activity or game, every team member writes down one lie and two truths about himself/herself. After everyone has completed writing, the group starts a casual conversation about these statements. The conversation basically helps each member learn more about his/her group members. After the conversation is over the members try to guess what was the lie and what was the truth.

2. Wear Your Attitude

Have many pins made and each of them should have an attitude written on them. You should try to cover all possible attitudes including happy attitudes, neutral attitudes, and negative attitudes. Now, ask everyone to select the pin that describes how they are feeling that very day. When people wear these pins, it will create transparency within the team. Everyone has bad days, but instead of telling other people about the same, they react in wrong ways that can hurt others. But, if you wear your attitude, your team members will know if or not you are in an approachable mood. You can change your pin anytime you feel your mood has changed.

3. Catch the Egg

This can be a little messy, but still is a lot of fun, and helps people with problem solving and creativity. You need to divide the team into small groups, and each of the groups will be given similar supplies like a shoe box, straws, newspaper, paper clips, or other things that can help make an egg catcher. Each team needs to decide a way it can use these supplies to create something that will help them prevent an egg (that will be dropped from a great height) from falling on the ground.

4. Kande Photo Booth Rental San Francisco

A photo booth, without a doubt, is the life of all corporate events, even when you are simply trying to make your team bond. You can create small groups, ask them to choose from amongst different available props, and then they pose and get clicked in the photo booth. The team surely will love this game, and will bond and try to choose the best props, and get the best pictures clicked.

5. Who am I?

Write down the names of famous characters or celebrities on name tags, and ask someone who will not be participating to stick these tags on the back of each team member. Teammates will need to go up to one another and ask yes or no questions to find out about the celebrity on the other person’s back. This game creates a nice relaxed, fun-filled environment, and at the same time increases the bond by making each person work with other members of his/her team.

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5 Innovative Online Marketing Tactics

SEO Results

Online marketing has taken businesses by storm. Every business needs to be recognized and reach its potential customers. From social media marketing to paid ads, the ideas for online marketing are numerous. The proliferation of information technology has resulted in the adoption of these ideas as the mainstream form of reaching and engaging with target customers. Despite this, there are some ideas that are applicable in online marketing that has greatly been overlooked and undermined. This article sheds some light on these key ideas.

Contest marketing

A majority of businesses engage in content marketing. It is one of the major marketing tools that people are conversant with and applies to almost any online business. However, people engage their customers with content at the expense of contest marketing. Contest ideas are essential when it comes to engaging customers. Some of the most successful online platforms such as freelancer always have an open contest where people compete to win prizes. Such an idea is essential to keep consumers tracking their performance and getting engaged with the business.

There are many innovative ideas and search engine optimization tips at at www.RisemarketingHK.com for you to take a look at as well.


Newspaper comics are a dying breed. However, statistics show that engaging your audience using comics that mirror your industry aspects goes a long way in differentiating your services and products. People are more engaged in providing videos and overlook the power of comics. Tapping into this niche will ensure that you have less competition on how you engage and reach your customers. Comics will tell the story behind your company and the services you offer in a cool, engaging and fun way that entice your online visitors to turn into consumers.


To spice things up, memes are fun and familiar to users around the internet. Sites that utilize these ideas are few but reap a lot from their creativity. Success online heavily relies on creativity and offering a fun and interactive way of engaging your potential clients. Memes go a long way in ensuring that professionalism and entertainment are attained and maintained while conveying your message to clients. With the right message, more visitors will be engaged.


Forums were the pioneers of online marketing and engaging with consumers. However, to most, forums are viewed as outdated and traditional. What people fail to understand that forums are a powerful tool for engaging people for a long time. They are the dictionaries of online marketing. The views, ideas and the responses posted on forums are long lasting and intuitive. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of forums when projecting for long term goals of engaging your visitors.


When you want to indulge with the users and keep them excited, gamification is the way to go. People are excited with an instant affirmation, and they love it as they view it as progress. Utilizing applications such as Foursquare that use the technique and combine it with loyalty programs is an excellent way of engaging your customers. Ensuring customers earn stars for their loyalty of using your service or buying your product is critical to maintaining customer loyalty and getting referrals.

The adoption and implementation of online marketing ideas that are effective and yet not popular with other users gives you an upper hand. The idea is to be unique and present your products and services to potential customers and doing this will greatly enhance your business and present you with a competitive advantage compared to your competitors.

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