5 Different Methods For Applying Makeup in 2016

make upMake up is one thing I don’t think the world today can do without. But for it to blend in well with your face, you not only need to choose the right make up, but you also have to know how to apply it. Here are some tips of how to apply your make up.

• Use your fingers

This may seem a little odd to start with but its the most basic and most efficient way to apply make up. Even science supports this method. It is said that the art of your fingers is good for make up application.

Make sure that you reach every corner of your face as you apply the make up. Rub the make up smoothly on your face and do it in continuous rounds. Make sure it is evenly distributed on your face.

• Make up sponge

It can be a beauty blender or just a simple sponge. All the same, it is basically a makeup sponge. Make sure your make up sponge is a bit damp before using it. Do not apply the makeup on the sponge. Apply it on your face using your fingers and then rub it on your face smoothly using the make up sponge.

Start from middle point of your face and work your way out to the other areas of your face. Also make sure you keep your makeup sponge clean after use as they are a hotbed of bacteria.

Foundation brush

Just as the name suggests, this brush is for applying foundation. Moreover, it works best with light foundations. You can place the foundation on the back of your hand and use a makeup brush to apply it on your face. Touch the foundation with the tip of the brush and apply it in your face in strokes. Always begin from a single point and brush your way out. If you notice some areas where the make up didn’t stick, pat the area lightly with the brush till the make up sticks.

• Stippling brush

The foundation brush is for applying light foundation while the stippling brush is for the rest of the makeup. While using this brush on your face, don’t apply pressure. Move the brush in circular motions all over your face. The bristles of your brush will do the rest of the work.

While using this brush, its best to first apply the makeup on your face using your fingers. You can then use the brush to blend it onto your skin.

• Kabuki brush

This is the envy of all the other make up brushes when it comes to buffing make up on your face. Depending on the make you applying, you can use the fluffy brush or just the normal brush.

If it is powdered make up or mineral make up, then the Kabuki brush us the way to go. It will tone the make up your face like no other brush.

Use these five different make up application methods to change your make up game this 2016. Just make your face shine like the sun.

    • retractable lash styling wand

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