5 Ways To Make Your Work Team Bond

When you are working with a group of people in a corporate environment, it is very important that they gel well if you want your business to make profits. If they share a good bond, they will always be ready to help and support each other, and instead of thinking about their own benefits or promotion always, they will like working as a team to meet goals and for the overall benefit of the company. Now, making your work team bond is important, but how do you do that? If this is the question now running in your mind then continue reading and discover 5 amazing team bonding activities.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a fun-filled game just perfect for team bonding. It helps improve communication and provides everyone the chance to know each other well. In this activity or game, every team member writes down one lie and two truths about himself/herself. After everyone has completed writing, the group starts a casual conversation about these statements. The conversation basically helps each member learn more about his/her group members. After the conversation is over the members try to guess what was the lie and what was the truth.

2. Wear Your Attitude

Have many pins made and each of them should have an attitude written on them. You should try to cover all possible attitudes including happy attitudes, neutral attitudes, and negative attitudes. Now, ask everyone to select the pin that describes how they are feeling that very day. When people wear these pins, it will create transparency within the team. Everyone has bad days, but instead of telling other people about the same, they react in wrong ways that can hurt others. But, if you wear your attitude, your team members will know if or not you are in an approachable mood. You can change your pin anytime you feel your mood has changed.

3. Catch the Egg

This can be a little messy, but still is a lot of fun, and helps people with problem solving and creativity. You need to divide the team into small groups, and each of the groups will be given similar supplies like a shoe box, straws, newspaper, paper clips, or other things that can help make an egg catcher. Each team needs to decide a way it can use these supplies to create something that will help them prevent an egg (that will be dropped from a great height) from falling on the ground.

4. Kande Photo Booth Rental San Francisco

A photo booth, without a doubt, is the life of all corporate events, even when you are simply trying to make your team bond. You can create small groups, ask them to choose from amongst different available props, and then they pose and get clicked in the photo booth. The team surely will love this game, and will bond and try to choose the best props, and get the best pictures clicked.

5. Who am I?

Write down the names of famous characters or celebrities on name tags, and ask someone who will not be participating to stick these tags on the back of each team member. Teammates will need to go up to one another and ask yes or no questions to find out about the celebrity on the other person’s back. This game creates a nice relaxed, fun-filled environment, and at the same time increases the bond by making each person work with other members of his/her team.

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