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Ten Healthy Snacks You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About

Snacking between meals can spell trouble for the waistline. That two o’clock afternoon slump hits and you’re either sluggish or starving. Vending machines don’t always have healthy options—you will have to make your choices ahead of time, at home. Making healthy snacking choices is all about choosing snacks that are high in protein and healthy […]

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Why Did The Harvey Weinstein Secret Take So Long To Come Out?

Harvey Weinstein was an influential and powerful man with a forceful and competitive personality. He was described as an aggressive person who behaved dbadly with staff and that his sexual harassment was an open secret in the industry. He had become a powerful figure during the period when independent films came to the fore and […]

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Impact of New Movies at Netflix on Movie Theatres

Streaming movies online is not a new thing but Netflix has truly revolutionised this experience for online users. It not only makes movie watching convenient but a very affordable deal too. The latest news around NetFlix going to make new movies available for streaming has created a huge buzz among movie lovers. But it is […]

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9 Chick flicks that guys can watch too

Do you have struggles convincing your man to watch some of your favorite chick flicks? Well, you are not alone in this, it can be tough and crazy to get your guy glued to the TV. As such, we provide you a list of 9 best chick flicks that will make your man forget that […]

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3 Movies That Were Truly Mind-Blowing

Filmgoers are a difficult bunch to please these days. Satiated by big budget extravaganzas, amazing CGI visual effects, and death-defying live action stunts, it’s a jaded and dismissive audience that greets each new movie premier. Yet every now and again, a film emerges that capture sour attention, and almost despite ourselves, blows our mind. Whether […]

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Gender Wage Gap Controversy – Looking At Both Sides

In current society, a principal problem within globalization that influences the world and trades nowadays is gender imbalance, which results in gender wage gap controversy The gender wage gap has been an essential subject in the antiquity as from the year 1960s and the 1970s. Since it has caused accelerated growth towards fair wage, mainly […]

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The Saga of K.M Nanavati

This is a tale of an Indian Navy Commander who goes by the name of K.M Nanavati. A Parsi by birth, he had settled with his English wife and his two sons in the Metropolitan City of Mumbai. As Nanavati was a commander in the Navy, he was always away from home on different assignments. […]

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Why Business Lawyers Are More Important Than Ever Before

Business corporate lawyers are also referred to as a chief legal officer, general counsel, in-house counsel, staff attorney, and deputy general counsel. A corporate lawyer ensures that clients and companies’ operations observe rules and regulations of the law. The corporate lawyers should have a full understanding of the law to ensure the corporation they work […]

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Protect and Grow Your Business by Hiring an Attorney

Many entrepreneurs know that at one point in time or another when running their business that something is going to come up that will need the attention of a qualified legal service. Whether that thing is collection debt help, contract review, or just some legal correspondence, it will be needed at some point in time […]

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Master the Productive Habits of Successful People


You only need to enter the word ‘success’ in your favorite browser to realize how much it has generated numerous discussions in the present age. Success is the ultimate measure of a series of achievements which proves that an individual has arrived at his or her goals. Every effort you invest in any activity is […]

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