Impact of New Movies at Netflix on Movie Theatres

Streaming movies online is not a new thing but Netflix has truly revolutionised this experience for online users. It not only makes movie watching convenient but a very affordable deal too. The latest news around NetFlix going to make new movies available for streaming has created a huge buzz among movie lovers. But it is not going to be too bad for movie theatres as people will still go there. Here are some of the reasons why NetFlix cannot have a negative impact on movie theatres.

The big screen experience

Movie theatres have come a long way in offering the best in technology for movie watching experience. There are several new audio and video technologies that theatres have and the kind of effect you get from them is unbeatable. Some of them are hard to find in televisions and computers too. So people who understand and love such experience would still prefer theatres over Netflix.

Outing with family and friends

Going to a movie theatre in itself is kind of a family outing that most people hate to miss. It is one of the occasions where friends and family can get to enjoy each others company. Watching great movies along with the huge crowd is something that you cannot get when you watch on NetFlix at home. And who can forget those amazing popcorn and food from carts at cinemas that you can relish while watching a movie?

Best 3D Experience

One of the reasons why people go to theatres is to enjoy those 3D movies which look best on those huge screens. But watching those movies on TV or computer at NetFlix cannot deliver the best experience. Even if you can have those huge screen TVs and can setup high-end speaker system, how many people can really afford it? So when you consider NetFlix, yes, it is quite affordable and convenient to watch anytime but there are a lot of things that you will be compromising on too.

Blockbuster movie experience

If you consider a number of blockbuster movies that truly stand to become the best movies of the year or decades, the count will be very few. And people would love to watch such movies on big screens rather than watching alone at home on computer or TV via NetFlix. Movies with special visual effects, sounds and great cinematography can only be enjoyed in theatres than on TV or computer. And there are new technologies that constantly get introduced in theatres that further enhance the quality of movie watching.

TV Series on NetFlix

When it comes to watching those popular TV series, Netflix truly stands out because you can watch your favourite show in HD from anywhere in the world. So it really a great platform for streaming those shows. And you can even watch all the popular movies of all time on NetFlix too. This includes the movies that you have missed watching at theatres. But replacing theatrical experience with NetFlix is something not everyone would prefer.

On a whole, NetFlix’s idea of introducing new movies online is good but that does not stop people from hitting theatres. Only those who prefer watching a movie alone or do not get a company to go out will choose something like NetFlix.

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