What are 5 things to look for in a productive employee?

When you need to hire for any size of business, there are a number of things that you to consider. It is not exactly what the candidate knows today; information can be thought. To succeed in business you need to consider the future of each candidate by weighing each candidate’s personality to determine the most apt employees. Regardless of profession, age, pay, or sex, all employees share some common traits. In this article, we discuss 5 things to look for in a productive employee. Productive employees feature a number of traits, which include but not limited to the following:

i. Action oriented:

Action-oriented is an attribute that is mostly associated with agility and resiliency. The idea behind this concept is being purposeful and being aware. Action oriented employees take chance and take action. Although taking chances may lead to failure, it more often lead to success and help to mold confidence while generating new ideas. Action oriented employers are willing to change at all level. Changes posses opportunities for a company to compete better in market and should instigate change that creates advantage. Generally, stagnant employees are unlikely to make much money to the company but action-oriented employees will.

ii. Intelligent

Although intelligence is not the only thing to consider, it is the form a strong foundation for success. While most other variable can be flexible, intelligence is a must or else you will have to take a lot of time proofing work, dealing with heightened stress levels and micromanaging. Various attributes of intelligence such as willingness to learn, social awareness and relationship management ensures that an employee can perform well under an array of situations.

iii. Ambition:

Ambitious attitude drives an employee to succeed regardless of the job it is put in front of the employee. Ambitious employee has the will, dream and courage necessary to succeed to succeed. Employee ensures that you company succeed has they drive to achieve their aim of having a better career. Ambition makes an employee to be innovative and spawns creative ideas that make a company to be innovative.

iv. Autonomy

You need to consider hiring an employ that can get the job done without much supervision. Autonomous employees feel that they have right latitude of doing the work and can do without supervision. Such employees are committed to doing their work and work hard to improve productivity at a lower turnover. Remember, as a company manager or owner, you have a lot of work to do and when you delegate work to individual, you need to be executed with diligence.

v. Display leadership skills:

Do you think that a given candidate can be a significant part of your organization and become a future leader in your company? Leadership begins with self-confidence and reinforced by repetitive success. Employees with leadership skills are committed to resolving issues and persevere to driving every aspect of an organization toward success.

Leaders are able to take risk, and developing new products and services that help to establish marketplace dominance. Although they don’t reveal a lot of details on planning, they orchestrate high-level plans that drive everyone toward achieving unified goals.

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5 Ways To Make Your Work Team Bond

When you are working with a group of people in a corporate environment, it is very important that they gel well if you want your business to make profits. If they share a good bond, they will always be ready to help and support each other, and instead of thinking about their own benefits or promotion always, they will like working as a team to meet goals and for the overall benefit of the company. Now, making your work team bond is important, but how do you do that? If this is the question now running in your mind then continue reading and discover 5 amazing team bonding activities.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a fun-filled game just perfect for team bonding. It helps improve communication and provides everyone the chance to know each other well. In this activity or game, every team member writes down one lie and two truths about himself/herself. After everyone has completed writing, the group starts a casual conversation about these statements. The conversation basically helps each member learn more about his/her group members. After the conversation is over the members try to guess what was the lie and what was the truth.

2. Wear Your Attitude

Have many pins made and each of them should have an attitude written on them. You should try to cover all possible attitudes including happy attitudes, neutral attitudes, and negative attitudes. Now, ask everyone to select the pin that describes how they are feeling that very day. When people wear these pins, it will create transparency within the team. Everyone has bad days, but instead of telling other people about the same, they react in wrong ways that can hurt others. But, if you wear your attitude, your team members will know if or not you are in an approachable mood. You can change your pin anytime you feel your mood has changed.

3. Catch the Egg

This can be a little messy, but still is a lot of fun, and helps people with problem solving and creativity. You need to divide the team into small groups, and each of the groups will be given similar supplies like a shoe box, straws, newspaper, paper clips, or other things that can help make an egg catcher. Each team needs to decide a way it can use these supplies to create something that will help them prevent an egg (that will be dropped from a great height) from falling on the ground.

4. Kande Photo Booth Rental San Francisco

A photo booth, without a doubt, is the life of all corporate events, even when you are simply trying to make your team bond. You can create small groups, ask them to choose from amongst different available props, and then they pose and get clicked in the photo booth. The team surely will love this game, and will bond and try to choose the best props, and get the best pictures clicked.

5. Who am I?

Write down the names of famous characters or celebrities on name tags, and ask someone who will not be participating to stick these tags on the back of each team member. Teammates will need to go up to one another and ask yes or no questions to find out about the celebrity on the other person’s back. This game creates a nice relaxed, fun-filled environment, and at the same time increases the bond by making each person work with other members of his/her team.

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5 Innovative Online Marketing Tactics

SEO Results

Online marketing has taken businesses by storm. Every business needs to be recognized and reach its potential customers. From social media marketing to paid ads, the ideas for online marketing are numerous. The proliferation of information technology has resulted in the adoption of these ideas as the mainstream form of reaching and engaging with target customers. Despite this, there are some ideas that are applicable in online marketing that has greatly been overlooked and undermined. This article sheds some light on these key ideas.

Contest marketing

A majority of businesses engage in content marketing. It is one of the major marketing tools that people are conversant with and applies to almost any online business. However, people engage their customers with content at the expense of contest marketing. Contest ideas are essential when it comes to engaging customers. Some of the most successful online platforms such as freelancer always have an open contest where people compete to win prizes. Such an idea is essential to keep consumers tracking their performance and getting engaged with the business.

There are many innovative ideas and Search Engine Optimization that should be highly considered.


Newspaper comics are a dying breed. However, statistics show that engaging your audience using comics that mirror your industry aspects goes a long way in differentiating your services and products. People are more engaged in providing videos and overlook the power of comics. Tapping into this niche will ensure that you have less competition on how you engage and reach your customers. Comics will tell the story behind your company and the services you offer in a cool, engaging and fun way that entice your online visitors to turn into consumers.


To spice things up, memes are fun and familiar to users around the internet. Sites that utilize these ideas are few but reap a lot from their creativity. Success online heavily relies on creativity and offering a fun and interactive way of engaging your potential clients. Memes go a long way in ensuring that professionalism and entertainment are attained and maintained while conveying your message to clients. With the right message, more visitors will be engaged.


Forums were the pioneers of online marketing and engaging with consumers. However, to most, forums are viewed as outdated and traditional. What people fail to understand that forums are a powerful tool for engaging people for a long time. They are the dictionaries of online marketing. The views, ideas and the responses posted on forums are long lasting and intuitive. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of forums when projecting for long term goals of engaging your visitors.


When you want to indulge with the users and keep them excited, gamification is the way to go. People are excited with an instant affirmation, and they love it as they view it as progress. Utilizing applications such as Foursquare that use the technique and combine it with loyalty programs is an excellent way of engaging your customers. Ensuring customers earn stars for their loyalty of using your service or buying your product is critical to maintaining customer loyalty and getting referrals.

The adoption and implementation of online marketing ideas that are effective and yet not popular with other users gives you an upper hand. The idea is to be unique and present your products and services to potential customers and doing this will greatly enhance your business and present you with a competitive advantage compared to your competitors.

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5 Different Methods For Applying Makeup in 2016

make upMake up is one thing I don’t think the world today can do without. But for it to blend in well with your face, you not only need to choose the right make up, but you also have to know how to apply it. Here are some tips of how to apply your make up.

• Use your fingers

This may seem a little odd to start with but its the most basic and most efficient way to apply make up. Even science supports this method. It is said that the art of your fingers is good for make up application.

Make sure that you reach every corner of your face as you apply the make up. Rub the make up smoothly on your face and do it in continuous rounds. Make sure it is evenly distributed on your face.

• Make up sponge

It can be a beauty blender or just a simple sponge. All the same, it is basically a makeup sponge. Make sure your make up sponge is a bit damp before using it. Do not apply the makeup on the sponge. Apply it on your face using your fingers and then rub it on your face smoothly using the make up sponge.

Start from middle point of your face and work your way out to the other areas of your face. Also make sure you keep your makeup sponge clean after use as they are a hotbed of bacteria.

Foundation brush

Just as the name suggests, this brush is for applying foundation. Moreover, it works best with light foundations. You can place the foundation on the back of your hand and use a makeup brush to apply it on your face. Touch the foundation with the tip of the brush and apply it in your face in strokes. Always begin from a single point and brush your way out. If you notice some areas where the make up didn’t stick, pat the area lightly with the brush till the make up sticks.

• Stippling brush

The foundation brush is for applying light foundation while the stippling brush is for the rest of the makeup. While using this brush on your face, don’t apply pressure. Move the brush in circular motions all over your face. The bristles of your brush will do the rest of the work.

While using this brush, its best to first apply the makeup on your face using your fingers. You can then use the brush to blend it onto your skin.

• Kabuki brush

This is the envy of all the other make up brushes when it comes to buffing make up on your face. Depending on the make you applying, you can use the fluffy brush or just the normal brush.

If it is powdered make up or mineral make up, then the Kabuki brush us the way to go. It will tone the make up your face like no other brush.

Use these five different make up application methods to change your make up game this 2016. Just make your face shine like the sun.

    • retractable lash styling wand

    Especially effective is an eyelash styling brush with a retractable head. This is useful because you can protect the brush head from debris, dirt, or damage, and take it on the go when you need to style and apply mascara to your eyelash extensions hong kong. Carrying around regular brushes means that your more likely to get your brush damaged and then have to spend more money buying new brushes which are not as useful.

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