The Continuous Growth of eSports in 2020 and beyond

Electronic sports have grown so much in recent years that their metrics already use comparisons with traditional sports. Championships with millions in prizes, the professionalization of players, streams on television and entry of traditional sports clubs: all these elements show the great potential of this new sports strand. eSports are becoming, even more, an appeal to teenagers as its audience expands, and younger generations have access to games and the Internet far and large.

According to Business Insider, the global future of eSports is likely to be in the hands of mobile devices, which are more accessible than high-performance computers, allowing a much larger number of players and fans to get started. The survey shows that the online dispute game segment for mobile devices is expected to account for 45% of this year’s game market. This popularity is already present in some competitive spaces, such as China, for example, which already has a prosperous scenario of eSports with a focus on mobile.

Companies of different kinds have been investing in eSports in the last years as they see the popularity of competitions only grow. Also, many new games are designed specifically to be competitive. One great example of a company investing in eSports is Wizards of the Coast, the one responsible for the very popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Back in 2017, they launched the beta version of Magic Arena, a very inviting and visually friendly version of their game for computers. Even though they had already made electronic games and they still maintain MTG Online, MTG Arena is focused on the format of the game which has the most tournaments – that is Standard. It also helped to bring new players to the game which soon became interested in paper Magic. The move was smart: with a beautiful electronic game, their biggest tournaments could be more easily live-streamed, generating a growing interest even from people that never touched the game before. And indeed the World Championship of this year was fully played on Arena.

And some competitive games who were already popular – DOTA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, etc. – don’t seem to be losing any space either. Their big competitions always bring people to watch and enjoy the best plays from the best players.

Electronic games have always had appeal to children and teenagers, but in the past years, they have been appealing for almost all ages. As the taboo is forgotten, more and more people are willing to play. And as they are willing to play, they might as well be willing to take their gameplay to the next level, becoming sponsored streamers or pros who will compete in the largest tournaments with enormous prize pools.

All of this makes anyone jump to the conclusion that eSports are definitely here to stay. They are a new way of sports, of watching other people showing their skills and doing their best, be alone or in a team. As our society becomes more and more digitally integrated, there is no reason to think eSports are going anywhere.

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