Why Business Lawyers Are More Important Than Ever Before

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Business corporate lawyers are also referred to as a chief legal officer, general counsel, in-house counsel, staff attorney, and deputy general counsel. A corporate lawyer ensures that clients and companies’ operations observe rules and regulations of the law. The corporate lawyers should have a full understanding of the law to ensure the corporation they work for stays within legal boundaries.

Corporate business lawyers have the corporation in which he or she works as their client. The number of corporate lawyers working in one firm depends on the size of the enterprise and the specialty. Some organizations require the corporate business lawyer to work full-time such as; biotechnology companies, banks, retail stores, oil firms, hospitals, manufacturing companies, insurance and communication companies.

Educational requirements for becoming a corporate business lawyer

1. Juris Doctorate

One should have a 3-year Juris doctorate from a school accredited by American Bar Association.

2. Attorney License

One should be licensed to practice in the state in which one is employed.

The attorney license is issued after one has sat for a bar exam that varies in different states.

Some states require one to also to take a written ethics exam.

3. One must be approved and admitted to practice in each federal court.

4. Masters in Law

Masters in law is not a mandatory requirement, but it helps to broaden one’s knowledge in business and corporate law. It is a one year program.

Job Description: here is what you do

After you have qualified to become a business-corporate lawyer regarding your education, and you have successfully secured yourself a job with a corporation, the following is what will be required of you:

1) You are involved in the negotiations of the organizations’ employee contracts.

2) You help guide managers in the firm on compliance and regulatory issues.

3) You represent the company in court during trials where you are expected to make opening and closing arguments, and also cross-examining and examining witnesses.

4) You are required to represent the corporation in any administrative boards.

5) You draft companies legal documents.

6) You provide supervision to outside lawyers brought in for their expertise.

7) You draft employee’s handbooks.

8) You are required to provide legal guidance to the corporation.

9) You are involved in the preparing, completing and filing government formal documents and reports.

10) You analyze any legal issues pertaining the corporation’s proposed products.

These are some of the duties that a business-corporate lawyer is expected to hand, Although it is important to note that although Corporate Law may be working for a corporation, their work for other firms as a contractor could be self-employed.

Research skills are crucial in a business-corporate lawyer, as their job revolves around research and having diverse knowledge on current business trends, business law, regulatory developments and legislative changes.

For one to make a good business-corporate lawyer, you need to have excellent interpersonal communication skills as you will be doing a lot of negotiations, close attention to detail as you will be drafting contracts often.

You can advance in the business-corporate law field by taking additional courses to harness your skills and knowledge.

You see, it is all about positive vibe being in this profession. If it is your dream career, you know where to begin.

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